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Consortium of great artists featuring the La HERmandad duo

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re:CONNECT was made possible by a consortium commission featuring the La HERmandad duo (Carrie RavenStem and Adria Sutherland, clarinets) and other artists (see consortium members below). The work received its world premiere at the 2023 International Clarinet Association's 50th Anniversary "ClarinetFest" in Denver, Colorado. The music addresses the conference's theme, "unity" by exploring the four stages of separation and togetherness experienced by many during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Many thanks to Backun Clarinets and Indiana University Southeast for their sponsorship support of re:CONNECT's world premiere.

To learn more about Carrie RavenStem, please visit: CarrieRavenStem

To learn more about Adria Sutherland, please visit: Adria Sutherland

Carrie RavenStem is a Backun Clarinets artist and plays on MoBa Bb and A Clarinets

Adria Sutherland is a Backun Clarinets artist and plays on Lumière Bb and A Clarinets

Consortium Members

Borealis Duo (Juliane Kirk Doyle and Christine Hoerning)

Tyler Mazone

Christa Jannae Frye

Clinton Anderson

Kristine Dizon

Tristan Brunson

Christopher Nichols

George Georgiou


WORLD PREMIERE: July 6, 2023: International Clarinet Association 50th Anniversary ClarinetFest (Denver, CO)

Artists: Carrie RavenStem and Adria Sutherland

European premiere: December 7, 2023: European Clarinet Congress (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

Artists: Kristine Dizon and Radovan Cavallin

Future dates by consortium members currently being scheduled – Come back soon!