For Solo Eb Clarinet and Concert Band

premiered by

Indiana University Southeast Concert Band (Phil Thomas, conductor)

commissioned by

Carrie RavenStem and IU Southeast Concert Band

premiere date:

April 10, 2022

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“Firefly” was commissioned by Backun artist, Carrie RavenStem and the Indiana University Southeast Concert Band as part of a faculty fellowship with Indiana University. The music is about the excitement experienced by a firefly being chased by a child. The inspiration came from the clarinetist and the composer’s son, Henry, who made several attempts to catch one elusive firefly to no avail. Keep coming back to see Firefly’s upcoming tour!

To learn more about Carrie RavenStem, please visit:

Carrie RavenStem is a Backun Clarinets artist and plays on MoBa Bb and A Clarinets

Tour Dates

World premiere: April 10, 2022: Indiana University Southeast Concert Band (Phil Thomas, conductor); Paul W. Ogle Center

Texas premiere: May 3, 2022: Navarro College Wind Ensemble (Joshua Buckrucker, conductor); Cook Center

Future dates currently being scheduled – Coming Soon!