April 30, 2016


Cutting-edge new works by Nick Omiccioli, Baljinder Sekhon, Erich Stem, Peter Van Zandt Lane and Dominick DiOrio performed by Juventas New Music Ensemble with countertenor Andrew Rader, gambist Eric Fisher, and NOTUS

1. Anima / Animus by Nick Omiccioli

Compass Baljinder Sekhon

2. i. Agni

3. ii. Indra

4. iii. Vayu

5. iv. Kubera

6. v. Yama

7. vi. Varuna

Consider by Erich Stem

8. i.

9. ii.

10. Transverse Fractures by Peter Van Zandt Lane

"Stabat Mater Dolorosa..." by Dominick DiOrio

11. i. La méditation au Corps Cassé

12. ii. In Midnight Sleep…

13. iii. Ave Maria...

14. iv. This World Is Not Conclusion

15. v. Epitaph