April 17, 2016

reach through the sky

1. Road to Hana by Rob Deemer
Lindsey Goodman, flute, alto flute, and mezzo-soprano

New Year's by Erich Stem

2. I. A Watching Crane
3. II. On New Year’s Day


Lindsey Goodman, alto flute and mezzo-soprano
Scott Christian, percussion, Anne Waltner, piano,

Other Voices... (Fantasy for Flute) by Grant Cooper

4. I. Other Voices
5. II. Furioso
Lindsey Goodman, flute,

Chrysalis by Gilda Lyons

6. I. Transformation into a pool of water
7. II. Becoming ice
8. III. Summoning fire
9. IV. Levitation
10. V. Transformation into an orb of light
Lindsey Goodman, flute and mezzo-soprano, Robert Frankenberry, piano and tenor

11. Covenant by Jeffrey Nytch

Lindsey Goodman, flute, alto flute, and mezzo-soprano

12. Penelope’s Song by Judith Shatin

Lindsey Goodman, flute and fixed media

“'On New Year’s Day' started with her beautiful solo on the alto flute braced by more animated, chilly music from percussion and piano. Stem showed he can write a limpid melody. His slightly tart, yet tonal harmonies were perfectly suited to a text that included the line 'Of a single frosty rose.'”
David Williams, Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV