April 29, 2012

Group Theory

In this recording “Group Theory,” the symmetries of counter)induction’s history is explored with music that shifts from duo to trio to quintet, from the works of composers within the ensemble to the works extrinsic to the group.


1. Ciao Manhattan

(1990) by Lee Hyla

Bas Relief (2007) by Kyle Bartlett

2. I. Shimmering Oscillations with Bands of Light
3. II. Smorzando come sospiro

Fleeting Thoughts (2010) by Erich Stem

4. I.
5. II.
6. III. – IV.

7. Centauro Marino (1984) by Salvatore Sciarrino
Deixo/Sonata for viola and piano
(2009) by Douglas Boyce

8. I. Directed
9. II. Ostinato
10. III. An Agile Clockwork

11. Partita (2007) by Ryan Streber

12. Dead Cat Bounce (2009) by Eric Moe

"It is followed by Erich Stem’s “Fleeting Thoughts”, a kind of experiment in sound that aims at reproducing the functioning of the mind, establishing a fluent and chaotic exchange that breaks minimalism apart..."
David Murrieta, A Closer Listen, Online Magazine, New York, NY

"Erich Stem’s four-part suite Fleeting Thoughts juxtaposes a terse, balletesque pulse with icily moody piano-and-string interludes that eventually leads to a richly satisfying noir bustle on the way out."
Delarue, Lucid Culture Online Magazine, New York, NY